Joli Rouge Velvet Joli Rouge Velvet

Joli Rouge Velvet

20 shades in 3 finishes

Our Iconic Joli Rouge range now introduces NEW Joli Rouge Velvet lipstick, available in 20 irresistible matte shades with hydrating formula and a flawless velvet finish.

All 20 shades are now available in 3 finishes, Joli Rouge Velvet, Joli Rouge and Joli Rouge Brillant. Choose your finish. Are you matte, satin or shiny?

Made just for you

Key benefits

2-in-1 make-up and skincare for your lips

1. Matte finish

A luminous matte look for seductively
sophisticated lips

1. Matte finish 1. Matte finish
2 - Hydratation

2. Hydration

Marsh samphire extract keeps lips hydrated for up to 6 hours*

*Long-wear test – Hydration kinetics – 10 women – 6 hours

3. Comfort

Organic apricot oil keeps lips supple and soft

3 - Confort

Joli Rouge Velvet comes in 20 irresistible shades

Which one will you choose?

Joli Rouge

Joli Rouge

Are you matte, satin or shiny?

Select your favourite shade in three different finishes and adapt them to your look.

Select your shade

  • 705705 soft berry
  • 732732 grenadine
  • 742742 joli rouge
  • 744744 plum
  • 754754 deep red
  • 757757 nude brick
  • 758758 sandy pink
  • 759759 woodberry
  • 760760 pink cranberry
  • 761761 spicy chili

Choose your finish

Shade 754deep red

  • 705Satin
  • 705Shiny
  • 705Matte

Enhance your lips with irresistible Joli Rouge

Switch it up, mix it up: matte or shiny, nude or red.

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