Nourish. Revitalise. Illuminate

A nourishing innovation that's tested and proven to revitalise dull skin!

  • 87%agreed the day/night duo enhances the skin's radiance*
  • 80%agreed the skin is nourished, revitalised and illuminated**
  • 85%agreed it restores a healthy, rosy glow to the complexion**

*Satisfaction test - 111 women - 14 days after using the Night Cream and Day Cream duo

**Satisfaction test - 111 women - 28 days after using the Lumière Revitalising Cream


Nutrition and radiance with horse chestnut

The micronutrient system – ‘the anti-aging system’ – is essential for the skin, but its ability to function is impacted by the aging fibroblast. The result? An uneven skin tone, intense dryness and a dull, tired-looking complexion;

Put simply, skin that’s undernourished.


Clarins Research combines the power of organic Horse Chestnut Flower extract and Horse Chestnut ecsin to help improve the skin’s micronutrient network. Thanks to this vitality duo, skin is left nourished and re-energised with its radiance restored.

Horse Chestnut flower Horse Chestnut Escin
Horse Chestnut Escin

Originating from the Balkans, the Horse Chestnut was introduced to France by the East India Company. Emerging on earth over 20,000 years ago, it symbolises longevity and rebirth – the flowering of its spectacular white flowers announcing the start of spring with the same precision each year.


Skin is left smooth and re-densified thanks to Harungana extract and Oats

With time, the skin’s fullness decreases which can lead to sagging and the appearance of wrinkles.



Oat sugars have an immediate smoothing effect and the organic harungana extract, with a strong replenishing power, contributes to smoothing wrinkles and improving the skin’s density.

Harungana ingredient

The powerful Organic Harungana extract reactivates aged fibroblast to restore density and youth to the skin. The result? Collagen production is stimulated and the skin’s composition is strengthened. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and skin sagging is slowed down.


An even complexion with the Desert Date

With age, the skin becomes more prone to pigmentation and dullness.

Date ingredient


The organic Desert Date extract reduces dullness and preserves the skin’s evenness to leave you with a smooth, more radiant complexion.

Shea nut Leaf of life

Supple and hydrated skin with Wakame and Leaf of Life

When skin is undernourished and lacking in lipids, its protective barrier is weakened which makes it more sensitive. If you’re suffering from dry skin post menopause, your skin needs strengthening to protect itself from the harmful effects of the environment.



The Organic Wakame extract in the Nutri-Lumière Day skincare products reinforces the skin’s barrier and strengthens the skin while Organic Leaf of Life extract activates the skin’s auto-hydration mechanism. Clarins’ anti-pollution complex* also helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.
*Except for the anti-aging lotion

Wakame ingredient

Picked on the Breton Coast, the Wakame – or ‘algae of life’ – is being studied for its therapeutic properties. Well-known in Japan already, Wakame is a staple ingredient in the diets of inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa – also known as the island of 'aging well'. Used for the first time in a Clarins formula, the organic Wakame extract helps to retain the skin’s suppleness.

Your personalised skincare routine

Looking for the best face cream for post-menopausal skin?
Simply choose your favourite texture:

  • Nutri-Lumière cream texture

    A melting and sensorial oil-cream.

  • Nutri-Lumière emulsion texture

    A light and non-greasy oil-emulsion.

Your personalised skincare routine

  • Cream

    A soft and hydrating light moisturiser, the lotion prepares the skin for your daily routine.

    1. Renewing
    Nutri-Lumière essence

  • Cream

    Fresh and light, this emulsion melts onto the face, releasing oil to nourish the skin with a non-greasy feel.

    2. Revitalising Nutri-Lumière Day Emulsion

  • Cream

    Firm to the touch at first, its melting texture turns to oil when applied, to leave skin with a soft, silky finish.

    2. Revitalising Nutri-Lumière Day Cream – All skin types

  • Cream

    A moisturising cream to reduce hyperpigmentation. Creamy and enveloping, its texture glides onto the skin, providing a feel-good sensation and intense nourishment.

    3. Rejuvenating Nutri-Lumière Night Cream – All skin types